T he cantine's fellows

T he fellow providers


For more than 15 years, Christian Etchebest and Erick Ospital share a beautiful friendship. Pork butcher in the Pays Basque for 35 years, he puts all skills at work for the longevity of the pure tradition. The pigs are raised in the Basque Country, fed with guarantied GMO and antibiotics free cereals. Artisan at heart, the pork butcher himself matured the hams naturally. His hams are the products of two kind of pigs cross raced which are bred open-door for 18 to 20 months. He delivers the Cantine twice a week for the appetite of the pork lovers.

rodolphe bidart

Exceptional variety of spices, the Espelette pepper certified CAO (protected Designation of Origin) brings a Basque and colored touch to Christian Etchebest’s food. It’s around the town of Espelette that Rodolphe Bidart grows this audacious pepper, with scent of tomatoes and toasted bread.

erick huigue colas

From a dynasty of agricultures, Erick Colas produces potatoes for the Cantine du Troquet since the beginning of the year. It’s in the north of France, in the French Flanders that the Victoria, a kind of potatoes with a yellow and dry flesh, grows. This is the more appropriate kind to cook French fries. At the Cantine, big slices are cut for full savor!

Mathieu Lapierre

Within the familial domain, Mathieu Lapierre and his sister Camille perpetuate a winemaking technique inherited by their father. The natural wine, sulphur free, is cultivated without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Mathieu Lapierre has a unique wine with subtle tastes of violet, cherry or licorice.

jean-luc poujauran

Originaire de Mont-de-Marsan, ce boulanger passionné est spécialiste de la boulangerie et de la pâtisserie du Sud-Ouest. Il fabrique un pain d’exception qu’il livre directement à la Cantine. Son produit phare, c’est le pain de campagne au levain naturel qui accompagne à merveille les classiques de la Cantine.

Jean-claude huguenin

The butcher Jean-Claude Huguenin provides the Cantine du Troquet since the very beginning of the franchise. Christian Etchebest was even his first client back then in 1998. Trust and loyalty are the main rules between the two men. Each day, he selects the best pieces of beef, veal, lamb and poultry for the Cantine.

dominique fabre

Cheese maker from father to son on 4 generations, Dominique Fabre produces CAO goat cheese in the region of Saint- Maure de Touraine. It’s in the organic pastures that he raises his goats fed of lucerne, grass and hay only. This is the secret for the finesse and the pronounced taste of his cheese.

laurent caubet

It was in 2004 that Laurent Caubet started to produce his own bottles of wine. Since then, not only his productions grow bigger but it has won many distinctions. In his cellar of l’Escudé, in the region of Bearn, the independent wine grower gives room to his creativity and his skills.

Peio barnetxea

We heart Basque specialties at the Cantine du Troquet. One of them is the emblematic cheese of the region: l’Ossau- Iraty. Since 2007, Peio Barnetxea has a special place in the Cantine’s menu. His 200 Basque-béarnaise sheep make raw milk cheese, aged from 5 to 10 months. His pronounced taste comes from the transition of the sheep which takes place in the Pyrenees at 1500 m high.